Tuesday, February 07, 2012


What I’ve realized is that we are all surrounded by a great number of people who are saddled with a lot of fear. It’s debilitating sometimes. Even I have to remind myself to plow through a force field of horror – frequently – whispering under my breath, “No fear.”

About a week ago I was invited to participate in a monster drawing contest (don’t laugh) but I had to pass with all that I had on my plate already… So today via email the winners of the contest were announced. I almost deleted it without opening it, but I gave in to curiosity and felt enlightened.

The winner of the contest was an artist by the name of LJ. Her drawing was titled, “Critical.” Commenting on her own work, she said:
“This guy, that critic that stares over your shoulder, worrying that you’ll make a mistake and – what if nobody likes it? What if it’s garbage? Hmmpf. He’s a big ugly monster and difficult to ignore.”

The second winner was an artist named Marie De Mars with her drawing titled, “Fear Monster.” She comments:
“[It comes from] the strangled feeling that always comes with fear. Drawing it out makes me think all I need is a pair of hedge clippers to deal with it!”

Even the creator of the contest, Cory Huff, was moved by the creations of the artists:

The most obvious thing that stands out to me is that all of the monsters were cartoons or cartoon-ish. They were in the vein of children’s books. The things that hold us back and manipulate our fears are often preying on the part of us that feels small, vulnerable, and innocent. How we deal with those fears is unique for each of us, but taking care of that scared little one is important.

I also learned that there are a lot of artists out there who have secret fears that they are unable to let out. One of the funniest things about drawing out your monster is that it helps you see that so much of what holds you back comes from within. Face your monster, and then put it down!

I’ll have to think about today…make sure I have my own monster on a leash. You might think about doing the same…

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