Friday, May 25, 2012

Pictures from Kobiphysics

If you missed Kobiphysics: An Art Show, then you missed my very first solo art show.  Aww!  What a shame!  Such a historical event too…  Oh well, as my friends often hear me say, such is life!  
From the show, I was able to sell my art, make new contacts, provide a venue for the cutest little Ukist (ukelele player) you’ve ever seen and create a solid series to exhibit elsewhere.  Not a bad feat for such a short period of time.  And if I could, I’d give all my supporters trophies – that’s how much I appreciate them.

 A couple of attendees are viewing my work titled, “Centripetal Show” and “Dilation.”  “Dilation can be viewed and/or purchased at:

 My adorable little Addae did such a wonderful job singing and performing two original compositions titled, “All My Friends” and “She’s Insane.”  By the way, the latter song was inspired by me…

Here are three generations of hard working women.  Both my mother and my daughter inspire me.

Overall, the turnout was great, people were curious and supportive and the facility (The Huntington Beach Central Library) was beautiful.  The show was a ton of work, but the word got out and I’m very relieved and pretty proud of what I’ve done.  My next show will be even better.  

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