Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today's Featured Artist: Political Cartoonist - Kaveh Adel

Kaveh Adel’s reinterpretation of "The Scream"

 What is your artist statement?

My artist statement is very simple: If I want to be FREE I’ve got to be ME! (If you need more information feel free to check out 

Which is your favorite work of yours and why?

My favorite work is called "Love for Norway" as I did it truly as a way to show how we all as humans are interconnected and when one member is in pain the rest cannot be at rest (loosely quoting Persian Poet, Saadi) in light of the Bombing in Oslo and the massacre in Utoya in July of 2011 by Anders Breivik who is on trial right now. This drawing touched the people in Norway and consequently touched me and forever connected me with them since they have shown true humanity in light of intolerance and hatred with their patience and love.

My Second favorite work is "Where is my Humanity" as it was an introspective piece dealing with all of us looking within finding our own humanity ( with a short poem)

What is your favorite thing you've purchased in the last 30 days and why?

Favorite thing I have purchased in the last 30 days: Three physical books. Because I love reading books that I can hold in my hand. I am old school despite being very savvy with technology!

What do you think about "The Scream" auctioning @ $120 million on May 2nd?

The auction making "The Scream" the most expensive piece of auctioned art, I believe is a good sign that Art is being appreciated. Especially Art that requires personal interpretation and is left to interpretation. I suppose what I mean is that I see the trend in humanity going more and more away from thinking about the world around it and losing the ability to appreciate the beauty losing itself in accepting what is fed to it without scrutiny. I know money does not always equate value but in this case I choose to look at the positive aspects of this sale than the debate about the true financial worth.

One hundred years from now, what do you want people to think/ remember about you?
In 100 years I want people to think and remember me in 4 parts:  

Part ONE: remembered by community/world as such: HE was compassionate. He was a truly a Human being. He was giving (Spiritually, financially, and with his time) He touched people positively, DEEPLY and emotionally. He warmed people's hearts. He always responded to communication sent to him. He helped make life a little better for anyone he came in contact with.  

Part TWO: remembered by coworkers as such: HE was energetic, dedicated and excited about what he did. He was a perfectionist but knew when to accept reality! Cared about teaching others. He also cared about the well-being of his coworkers, clients and patients. He was Ethical and fair and never took advantage of anyone. He never undercut or undermined his fellow coworkers no matter how much he disagreed with them. He was self-made and never extended his hand for a favor or a handout.  

Part THREE: remembered by Friends as such: A friend who listened, was there when I was at my worst and my best. Helped me whenever I needed him. Was always a phone call away. He truly cared about and genuinely was interested in what was and is important in my life.


Part FOUR: remembered by Family as such: A Husband/Son/father/grand father who was there When I needed Him. He was and taught me to be kind, caring, giving, to love and choose to Love over all else. He helped me become who I wanted to be not who he wanted me to be. Taught me to be disciplined and focused in anything I set my mind to do. He cared about my views, opinions, autonomy and was compassionate and respectful even if he disagreed with me.

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