Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today's Featured Artist: Virginia Bryant

Today's artist is Virginia Bryant.  You can learn more about Virginia and her work by going to her website:

"This is part of the forthcoming new “MIRRORED SYMMETRIES” portfolio. For the last 3 years there has been a hand painted sign by me in my studio which says BALANCE. This series, MIRRORED SYMMETRIES, is the manifestation of that idea, which has been primary throughout my body of work, and is now reaching its apotheosis in these new works." -Bryant 

What is your artist statement?

My painting is a progression and development of collaborations with paint that evolves from gestural abstraction, staining and pouring techniques and automatic writing.

My motivation in painting is to communicate the infinite sense of possibility and wonder experienced when painting. My affinity with paint, which being liquid is a form of life itself, solidifies my commitment.

In times of a predominating lack of connection to more traditional pastoral concerns, I have maintained focus on taking the beauties of nature as my foremost inspiration while balancing elements found there with explorations into ways of painting that are new to me. 

It is congruence with the infinite and ineffable that my processes seek to connect with, which is confirmed with intuition. My attraction to the sublime and proclivities for the mystical are balanced by an intense drive towards balance.

Which is your favorite work of yours and why?

I have many favorites that are no longer in my possession, but of what
I still own, I would have to say "YGGDRASIL" because, like the mythical tree it is named after, it connects spirit and material experience in a new way. I had just started working with acrylics after a several year absence, so the newness of the process and how alive that feeling of newness can be shows up well in this work.

What is your favorite thing you've purchased in the last 30 days and why?

I know I "should" say a new sable brush, which I have not used yet, but really, I totally enjoyed these really great raw fruit bars and organic pecans yesterday, more, so far. Once the brush gets to working that may well change!

What do you think about "The Scream" auctioning @ $120 million on May 2nd?  
One hundred years from now, what do you want people to think/ remember about you?

If I am remembered I would like it to be for using my gifts as an expression of that which is greater than self.

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