Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Judith Martin - Author of "The Goddess of Beauty"

Featured today, is recently published author Judith Martin, whose children’s book titled “The Goddess of Beauty” got my attention.  She graciously agreed to be interviewed for The Wrighter.  Visit her website at: http://www.thegoddessofbeauty.com.

Where are you from?

I am originally from Jamaica.

 Was your book "The Goddess of Beauty" inspired by anything you witnessed in your community or your life? If so, what?

The Goddess of Beauty was inspired by my beautiful childhood. I was blessed to have a mother who always told me that I was beautiful and so I grew up believing it.

What was the target age range when you wrote this story?

My book targets young girls from age six and up. Essentially all women can read this book and feel empowered by Goddess Oshun. Women of African origin will feel a sense of pride reading this book while women of other backgrounds can also learn about black beauty and culture.

The story is about a girl who gains confidence after learning about the goddess Oshun. Is that right?

That’s correct. A young insecure girl on the island of Trinidad gains confidence after she learns about the remarkable outer and inner beauty of her ancestor Goddess Oshun.

In African lore, Oshun is known also to have a quick and destructive temper. Do you demonstrate any of this in your story?

Goddess Oshun can have a slight temper just like any other Orisha or human but the book does not focus on this side of her personality. The book embraces Oshun’s inner and physical beauty because this is what she is primarily known for.

What would you like your readers to feel or think after reading the book?

Goddess Oshun has been a part of the West African culture since time immemorial. Africans in Africa and the diaspora have preserved this wonderful Goddess and her image through various struggles and hardships in our history. I would like all readers of this book to feel like they are a part of this magnificent culture that has been around for thousands of years.

Have you written any other books?

I have written other books about beautiful women from various cultures around the world. My other books are not yet published so “The Goddess of Beauty” is the first published book in the series.


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